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Based on the values imparted by our forefathers, we are dedicated to serving all the needs of our local communities.

Maniben Mulji Bhuta Charitable Dispensary

This clinic was established by the founder of the group Shri Nandlal Mulji Bhuta in the memory of his mother for the people of Sihor in the early 1950’s when Sihor was a village. The clinic was headed by a MBBS doctor and it’s establishment was a big relief for the people of Sihor and surrounding villages to get immediate treatment and avail the benefits of modern medicine.

Jamnaben Bhuta General Hospital

The founders of Jenburkt contributed towards the expansion and modernization of this 125 bedded general hospital in their native place Sihor, Gujarat. This hospital was established in the fond memory of their mother, as the people of their native had to travel to a large nearby city, Bhavnagar, in early days, when transportation was not easy. People would lose their daily living to travel to Bhavnagar to get treatment. With the set up of this full-fledged hospital with a laboratory set up, various surgery, ICU set – up, basic but modern care at a very nominal price was successfully provided. Over the years thousands, including people from surrounding villages have been  benefitted.

Nandlal Bhuta School

This school was established by the founders in the fond memory of their father  to provide high quality education to the children of Sihor and surrounding villages. It is a highly reputed school in the entire district offering opportunity to shape up the character of young children of village citizens by providing them many forward thinking activities and very good infrastructure. Students of this school have now settled in many parts of the world and hold important senior positions in large organizations in India and abroad.    Thousands have passed out from this school.

Nandlal Bhuta College of Commerce & Management & Jamnaben Bhuta College of Arts

Both the colleges were set up by the founders of Jenburkt  in the fond memory of their father and mother. Many parents of Sihor and surrounding villages ,  chose not to pursue their daughter’s higher education , as they could not afford and some did not prefer to send them to the city of Bhavnagar. Hence these colleges were set up so that girls and boys , both could get college education at their door step. Many girls could complete their graduation just due to the existence of this college.


At Jenburkt, we think of philanthropy as a unique instrument of social innovation that leads to more resilient, healthy citizens. Our philanthropic initiatives at Jenburkt aim to address the challenges of a complex and evolving health and education landscape. The impact of our foundations and programs is significant and far-reaching, impacting thousands of people across ages across the country annually. We are committed to supporting charitable causes and building sustainable organizations in the communities in which we operate.

Mammography Centre

In order to provide early detection of breast cancer, Jenburkt contributed towards setting up of a Mammography Centre at Om Shree Ram Mantra Mandir Trust – a highly reputed charitable institute based in Bhavnagar. With concessions for tests, many people of Sihor have benefitted from this initiative.

Electro-Magnetic Therapy Centre

In order to alleviate the pain of senior members of the society and others who suffered from joint pain, Jenburkt contributed towards establishing an Electro-Magnetic Therapy Centre which is managed by Om Shree Ram Mantra Mandir Trust, Bhavnagar.

Electric Furnace for Cremation

While recognizing the need to reduce pollution and provide financial relief to the needy, Jenburkt contributed towards establishing an electric furnace at the only crematorium in Sihor. As the burning of wood was increasing pollution and leading to deforestation, this initiative was started to protect the environment and forests. Whoever chose to opt for electric furnace for the last rites of their beloved, Jenburkt would bear the entire cost of the cremation – motivating them to opt for this eco-friendly option.

Tree Plantation

Jenburkt has also started the initiative of tree plantations at schools. Village schools that did not have many trees around or the infrastructure to water them, were selected. Specific trees were chosen and procured from the forest department and planted in an orderly manner before handing them over to the schools for further care and nurturing.

Blood Bank

Jenburkt is in the process of establishing a Blood Bank at Bhavnagar in association with the Red Cross Society, Bhavnagar. This is aimed to deal with the shortage of blood for the people of the entire district of Bhavnagar.

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