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Watching the number of COVID-19 cases rise steeply in India, all of us at Jenburkt were sincerely focused on what we, as a pharmaceutical company with a rich history of giving back and innovation, could do to truly serve our nation at this time of dire need.

This is why - in July 2020, Jenburkt became the second in the country to announce the launch of antiviral drug Favipiravir (brand name Faviventâ„¢) for the treatment of mild to moderate COVID-19 symptoms at the most affordable price at the time of Rs. 39/- per tablet.

Not just was this covered exceedingly favourably by mainstream media and regional news outlets, the public championed Favivent and our conscious effort to keep the price reasonable to ensure maximum access. In fact, our competitive pricing set the tone for a price war with the industry incumbent, and paved the path for affordable pricing for others in the market - not just for the 200mg variant, but also 800mg!


The award of pharma excellence 2020
for Covid Medical education initiatives!

Given the current scenario of grave health concerns and economic challenges surrounding COVID-19 in India, if we as a pharmaceutical company cannot make a significant positive difference to the society, our company's very existence is inconsequential.

Mr. Ashish U BhutaChairman and MD
Dr. Ivary ramuk@ivark2008.4d

@JenburktPharma thank you lot for your effort to release covid drug at reasonable price. This shows you are more people friendly and money conscious at these tough times.

Dr Deepali Bhardwaj@dermatdoc

Excellent news tablet #fevivent Rs39/- announced by Company called jenburkh which gave a jolt ti #fabiflu priced at 75/- by #GLENMARK so Cost of #Covid_19 therapy comes times down from 13-14k to half in India #COVID19_BREAKING Hoping everyone should get assess to possible treatments.

Biswajit Dash@Ar_BiswajitDash

good going guys... keep up the place.entire country will proud of you..

Satyendradev Mahanti@MahantiSd

Excellent move by Jenburkt.

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